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Texol Grease™ PTFE

Fully synthetic high temperature greases

Product Description

Texol Grease PTFE greases are synthetic bearing lubricants. Formulated from an advanced synthetic fluid and thickened with a temperature-stable, non-soap base, Texol Grease PTFE are a blend of additives and lubricating solids for exceptional wear protection. Service life and relubrication intervals may be extended. Primarily developed for extended service in oven conveyor bearings, Texol Grease PTFE is recommended for applications such as paint drying ovens and textile tenter frames, where minimum application and drip-free performance are needed to promote good housekeeping, and to also minimize maintenance and relubrication.

The components of Texol Grease PTFE have especially been selected to optimize the following characteristics:

 High-temperature resistance to oxidation, thermal and chemical stability, resistance to organic slovents and most chemicals even at high temperatures, including strong acids, alkalis, and oxidizing agents, excellent lubricating capabilities as shown by Standard laboratory tests, and extensive field evaluations, low volatility at high temperatures and/or high vacuum, formulated to address environmental concerns, Texol Grease PTFE is free of lead, chlorinated solvents, and barium.

Applications and Uses

 For rolling and sliding bearings with extremely extended relubrication interbals such as in:

 film stretching machines

 tenter frames for textiles

 oven carriages in the ceramics industry

 For high-temperature lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings

 May be applied manually or via automatic dispensing equipment

 Under hostile ambient conditions

 Texol Grease PTFE 0 is used for relubrication of Texol Grease PTFE 2

 Well suited for the lubrication of armatures and sealing elements.

 Pumpable in central lubrication systems

 Temperature application range -35 °C to +260 °C ( at higher operating temperatures adequate ventilation must be ensured ) and may intermittently be exposed to temperatures up to +280 °C

 Texol Grease PTFE greases are also well suited as an assembly and sealing element for packaging, seals and similar components.

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