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Texol Grease™ PU Series

Ultra high performance fully synthetic Polyurea grease

Product Description

Texol Grease PU are ultra high performance poly alpha olefin based Greases. It is combined with an advanced polyurea thickener, designed to provide low volatility performance and oxidation resistance over an extended service life, at temperatures of up to +200°C and intermittently up to +230°C.

Texol Grease PU series provides outstanding pumpability in centralised systems, resisting the formation of hard deposits when exposed to radiated heat at temperatures of up to +280°C. It is also highly resistant to softening at elevated temperatures, providing optimum wear and corrosion wear and corrosion protection with excellent sealing performance.

Applications and Uses

 Recommended for a wide range of industrial applications where continuous temperatures of up to +200°C are present, or where intermittent temperatures of up to +230°C are possible. Will not harden when exposed to radiated heat of up to +280°C in centralised lubrication systems.

 Recommended for use in high temperature applications where bearings are subjected to extreme temperatures, such as in annealing and drying furnaces, rotary kilns, cooling beds, conveyor systems, hot air fans, electric motors, exhaust gas fans for aggressive media, stop valves in bulk material equipment, ejector pins in plastic-cast tools, gate valves in bulk material container systems.


 High temperature stability maximises grease service life, reducing maintenance downtime

 Excellent pumpability and resistance to hardening at radiated temperatures of up to +280°C

 Highly resistant to thermal oxidation, protects against wear and corrosion, increasing uptime

 Will not soften at elevated temperatures, sealing against water and other contamination

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